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On Parenting

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School's barely back in session and already the suspensions have begun. A first grader in Texas has been given in-school suspension for violating the school's dress code. His offenses? Wearing his hair too long, and sporting an earring. His mother says he's growing his hair (which, in some communities, might be considered rather short) to support Locks of Love. Some say that public schools, such as the one this boy attends, shouldn't have such restrictive dress codes. Others say that the rules are the rules and he deserves his suspension for not complying. What do you think? Is the punishment out of line?

The act of caring for and raising children may be as old as time itself, but parenting styles and methodologies change constantly. As each generation of parents is born, they reinvent the role -- adjusting to new research and guidelines, changes in technology and cultural beliefs of the day. One mom, whose children were spread over a 15-year time-span, has witnessed the changes personally. Where family beds and inward-facing pouch slings were all the rage amongst her friends the first go-round, by the time her younger children arrived, it was three-year-olds with computer time and second graders with cell phones. She saw subscriptions to Mothering magazine give way to tweets mocking helicopter parenting. What changes have you witnessed in your time as a mom?

Pregnant women are familiar with stirrups. Now, those who might have a C-section are urged to familiarize themselves with boots -- the kind that inflate, reducing a person's risk of blood clots, that is. These compression devices, which are common in other kinds of surgeries, are now being recommended for women who have had a C-section. Blood clots, which can be deadly, often pose an unseen threat. It is said that pregnant women are at an increased risk for clots during the latter stages of pregnancy and in the period immediately following delivery because women are often less active, have slower blood flow and pregnancy has changed their blood, allowing it to clot more easily.

For diapers, like fashion, one minute you're in, the next minute, you're out -- with the rest of the smelly trash. When diapers and fashion collide, it can be a fickle and messy predicament for any non-potty-trained tot. Just trying to keep up with the changing trends in disposable undergarments can make anyone need a nap. Last year's denim diapers are out, and new, camo diapies are all the rage this season. Real toddling trend-setters are advised that leopard print diapers are likely to be the next big thing.

Shiver me timbers (send shivers up my spine, more like) at the bad parenting choices a California dad displayed when he threw his seven-year-old son overboard, in an attempt to "toughen him up." While on a sightseeing cruise boat, the father, who is speculated to have been drinking, got in a fight with his young son, hitting him several times. When the boy started crying, the dad threatened to throw him overboard if he didn't end the waterworks. He then tossed the boy, who isn't a strong swimmer, into the water, five feet below. The other passengers became extremely angry with the dad, and threw the boy a life preserver before another boat rescued the boy. The father did jump in to try and save the boy but still wound up getting arrested for child endangerment and resisting arrest. There are many who would like to see that father walk the plank.

Dana Macario is a TODAY Moms contributor and Seattle mom to two sleep-depriving toddlers. She is currently developing an alarm clock that will start an IV coffee drip 10 minutes prior to wake-up time. Once properly caffeinated, she also blogs at


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